Silver blanks?

There are currently lots of conversations about how building genuine “empathy” with consumers is likely to be a critical ingredient in the future success of many companies. I could not agree more. We have a lot of evidence to highlight the benefits companies achieve by finding rich seams of empathy in an authentic way. What I would observe is that […]

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It never ceases to amaze me that so many companies still wait until a new product or service is just about to be launched before asking “how can we now link this launch to a consumer trend or insight?” A couple of observations from some of the global post-launch reviews we are continually asked to do after sales have proven […]

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Calling Friends of Watch Me Think

Turtlenecks compulsory

We’re looking for more who are willing for us to visit them for an hour or so. We want to see where you work, hear what you do and understand your average day. What do you enjoy? What are your goals? Where can we help?

Above: The turtleneck twins on the most recent Watch Me Think school trip

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