The100: Tarot Cards, Gnomonists and dishwater

(c) David Webster Smith

Symbiotic Corporate Altruism? I liked this article about Spotify, not just because I’m an avid user, but also because of this: “We know that we’re only going to be successful as a company if the music industry is successful. That’s why we don’t think of ourselves as just the R&D department of Spotify – but actually as the R&D department […]

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The100: chimps, humans and Donkey Kong

“That’s my birthday too!” Ever met someone who has the same birthday as you? Thought it a bit of a coincidence? Well, if there are 23 people in a room there is  >50% chance of 2 people sharing the same birthday. Take this brilliant interactive birthday paradox for a spin yourself. Now if only there was a mathematical reduction for people […]

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The100 – 10 Most Popular Articles in 2017

(Drum roll…) The 10th most popular piece from 2017 was… 8 creative ways to share your research. We spend all that effort, then what… Tied at 8th How smartphones aren’t destroying kids, they’re destroying adults – apart from when they’re making extremely insightful videos for progressive research agencies, of course. Plus how the UK election destroyed market research as we know […]

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