Qualitative Researcher, UK

(Basingstoke, UK)

We want to arm researchers, insights folks, marketing gods with game-changing videos revelations that prove what a thousand stats only yawn at.

But we can do better.

With you joining us.

The role

We focus on FMCG Market Research; using videos to wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am (nod to the legend that is still Mr Bowie) what the rest of the quant stuff points to.

And one of our key outputs is a qual report - currently a 20-30 slide PPT that is supported by several highlight films for each theme that is identified in what we’ve received via the videos.

It’s been going down a storm.

That’s why we’re looking for someone like you: a Qual Expert, who has worked with video before, to continue to drive Watch Me Think’s expansion in this area.

This role would create, nurture and inculcate a process that would continue drive best practice.

Plus you’d be free (and actively encouraged) to experiment and try out new processes, ideas, products…

Responsibilities in a nutshell

  • Writing qualitative reports based on consumer videos per project for major FMCG companies globally
  • Constructing storyboards from the transcriptions to support the themes that have been identified in the qualitative report
  • Presenting on-site the qualitative report to clients


You’d be located in the UK and ideally base yourself at our in-the-sticks office near Basingstoke.

Or you can be based at home and opt to travel into the office a few days a week, working from wherever you wish, for the rest.

This isn’t about time keeping or set rules: everything is measured by the expected quality of outputs.

There are no limit to the number of days you can take as holiday while here, so long as you meet those expected outputs (though have to take a minimum of 4 weeks each year at least). And the bar for these outputs won’t be set too high. It’s all about Flow - if you've ever read about that... Mihály Csíkszentmihályi anyone?

Your ethos and style of working

You’re good fun.

You must be. Otherwise you wouldn’t have reached this far down the page 🙂

We love intelligent, inquisitive, quirky, rip-taking folks who like a good laugh and don’t suffer fools.

At our core

We take our work seriously but we don’t believe it’s the most important thing in the world.

At the bank

The moola is around GBP35-55k p.a. - very much dependent on your experiences, blinding talent and ability to make a good brew 🙂

Worth a punt perhaps?


We’ve posted a few job ads for Qualies recently - times are good - so if you’ve already applied before, we’ll have you on record and our Head of Research will have already contacted those on her list who suit this new position. Thanks again to all who submit applications, you're obviously ACE, and if only we had the cash and our bank manager was kinder...

How to apply

Initially all you need do is send your CV to thefolks@watchmethink.com (the subject line should say what job you're applying for) And/Or, in that email, include a link to your LinkedIn profile.