The 100 – nuggets of newsly goodness for cast iron stomachs

Not so long back, there was this bunch of folks who we thought a helluva lot of.

About 100 of them ...we have high standards 🙂

And around once a fortnight - work tsunamis permitting - we'd send them our musings on the MRX industry.

Best thing was, given the audience, we didn't have to dumb things down; we could put a tongue firmly in the cheek, or for it to protrude externally... we could be ourselves.

It proved popular.

And The 100 are now 1000s.

Though we've kept the name.

The 100. Our fortnightly take on the things that have stopped and made us Think - or laugh - in the world of MRX mainly, but not exclusively.

If you'd like to sign up to get your own copy  - on the proviso that you take life with a pinch of salt and a whisp of candy floss - then use the form below and join us.